Jean’s basic instinct would be to constantly discover life compliment of cautious and you will suspicious sight

Jean’s basic instinct would be to constantly discover life compliment of cautious and you will suspicious sight

He was hesitant to deal with Armin and you can Reiner’s package of experiencing the new Assault Titan endeavor in their eyes, and you can quickly accepted to prevent which have trusted Ymir whenever she relatively kidnapped Krista. [33] [34] Not surprisingly, pursuing the next appearance of brand new Armored Titan, Jean was also one so you can encourage Eren to carry on assaulting to possess humanity’s win, exhibiting that he is much slower after the same idealistic outlooks the guy once criticized. [35]

104th Degree Corps arc

Immediately after upcoming of age, Jean enlists with the armed forces, joining the new 104th Studies Corps. On the reveal sign in day out-of their enlistment, Jean with full confidence admits their attention away from signing up for the brand new Military Cops and you may gets a great headbutt regarding Keith Shadis for their dilemmas.

One to nights, Jean overhears Eren Yeager these are his desire to join the Questionnaire Corps and you may criticizes your with the decision, however, apologizes shortly after seeing that their words have distressed Eren. Because trainees document out of the disorder hall, Jean sees Mikasa and you can, immediately providing a taste so you can the woman, tries to communicate with the girl but she quickly blows your out-of in support of talking-to Eren. Devastated, Jean develops an effective grudge against Eren. [36]

The following nights, immediately after undertaking well throughout the 1st day of Straight managing gadgets aptitude education, Jean was reached from the Eren having tips on how to manage equilibrium, however, just ridicules him to possess his worst abilities. [37]

During the period of degree, Jean and a whole lot more trainees start slacking away from in all components except for people who could well be essential in order to graduate during the the top 10, along with hand-to-give handle sessions.


Into various other nights, Jean brags to their members of the family regarding ways he utilizes his handling gizmos, kidding that they will be abstain from advising his secrets to someone else so that he will not face extra battle for an area from the top graduates. Their joke annoys Eren, who criticizes the very thought of boosting one’s Titan-eliminating feel getting a position regarding armed forces farther away from the Titans. Since their conflict will get increasingly aggressive, Jean fundamentally loses their mood and you may becomes actual having Eren, compelling Eren to help you disarm your by throwing out one of his base. Its strive try disturbed by the Teacher Shadis, and you can Eren and you may Jean invest in become the challenge later. Which promotes Jean first off getting his studies much more seriously. [38]

Jean works better during the his education, driven of the his challenging think of positions between the top ten to participate law enforcement Brigade while having his need to one-up Eren. [39]

During a training tutorial in which the trainees practice the managing experience up against Titan mannequins, Connie Springer and you will Sasha Top go after Jean as he try education or take advantage of their premium price to steal their eliminates. Following the concept, Jean confronts them regarding their filthy techniques, nevertheless they tell you no guilt for their procedures. The guy overhears Marco admitting that he acceptance other people in order to eliminate the Titans he found, trying to act as “bait” for the Titans how he would inside the a genuine combat situation, and you may suits their fellow trainees in the saying that he would such as to stay a group contributed from the Marco. But not, Marco states one to Jean would make a far greater chief than he manage, describing that Jean’s shortage of fuel along side his a great reasoning will make your an excellent leader. [40]

Included in the 104th, Jean functions from inside the positions from the top 10 of the graduates, establishing just under Eren and you can coming in at sixth. Pursuing the graduation service, Jean, proud of his success and you can eager to get in on the Military Police, goes into an altercation which have Eren. Fancying himself a beneficial realist, Jean’s ideals will bring him so you can blows into the alot more idealistic Eren, whom criticizes Jean due to the fact a good coward. [41]

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